PSD [Download]. So I made you guys a PSD that will help you to get colouring similar to what I have!

You can use a PSD by dragging it on top of all your gif layers.
Inside the PSD there are 2 folders, one in which you do not touch, the second of which you can. (The colours below shall make sense when the PSD has been opened in photoshop).
  • Green: Adjust the brightness if the gif is too dark/light, you can darken the contrast as well.
  • Yellow: Adjust the opacity of this adjustment if the skin appears too yellow.
  • Blue: Adjust the opacity of this adjustment if the gif seems too blue.
  • Red: Adjust the Saturation/Vibrance to what you think is right for your gif. E.g. If it’s too red, then lower the saturation.

And of course if you are knowledgable in gif colouring then feel free to do your own editing in this folder.

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